Wireless solutions find all their interest in environment where wired network cabling operation is difficult (restricted access, equipments often moved from a place to another, connection of equipments from any place, connection of equipments when no cables, no plugs are available...) or prohibitively expensive.

Customers (point of sales, medical instrumentation, industrial automation, security systems, building automation) can right now rely on this new technology to build safe wireless network applications while freeing themselves from wiring constraints and while taking advantage of a full electrical isolation, no more cables cut failures, maintenance and installation reduced costs ...

PROCEAM offer (Wireless Ethernet IEEE 802.11b) is particularly well suited to these applications needs by making possible to :


Design wireless systems (eg: robot, overhead crane, display ...)


Turn wired systems into wireless (eg: robot, overhead crane ...)


Monitor display & signaling systems (eg: stations, airports, hotels, exhibitions ...)


Use wireless telemetering, measurements and administration equipments


Connect mobile terminals for quality and security monitoring applications


Connect security and access control devices to the wireless network


Install equipments when cabling operation is not possible or difficult


Connection of serial equipments in hazardous & potentially explosive area


Build a high speed full-duplex wireless serial link between two equipments

Because industrial Ethernet wireless actual networks are not WiFi compliant, there is not interoperability between radio vendors. Central and remote sites must use same brand of equipments.

The MODBUS/TCP Protocolsupport permits to connect a serial MODBUS equipment to the radio Ethernet network in order to communicate with supervisors or softwares using the MODBUS/TCP Protocol.