Imagine a building or a house in which you can monitor and regulate in a homogeneous way all the parameters of environment (lighting, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and other electric & electronic appliances ...), security and access control systems with a maximum comfort while reducing the costs.

The technology to carry out such installation exists today with the Ethernet TCP/IP network which became a de facto standard for these applications.

PROCEAM offer (wired Ethernet 10/100 & wireless IEEE 802.11b) is particularly well suited to these applications needs by making possible to :


Remote and real time access to connected equipments


Reduction of maintenance and adminstration costs


Reduction of cabling and installation costs (wireless IEEE 802.11b)


Increase in flexibility and possibilities of extension


Connect equipments which doesn't have any Ethernet interface


Remove any cabling on serial equipments (WiFi wireless IEEE 802.11b)

The COM port redirector software enables legacy based COM ports Windows applications to access remote serial devices across the Ethernet network without modification, remote COM ports are seen by the application as native PC local ports or multi-port board serial links.