Special expertise in all aspects of batch production has made Proceam a leading solution supplier to industries such as utilities and energy, telecom, water threatment, etc.

Proceam strict adherence to proven methodologies combined with expertise in a wide range of control automation and communication technologies ensures the most return for our customer's investment. Continuous learning keeps Proceam engineers proficient in new technologies and industry developments, bringing the benefits of innovation and advanced capabilities to our customers.


Skilled System Integration

Proceam has vast experience providing coherent control solutions by integrating diverse system and machine protocols, controllers and their interfaces from different equipment vendors, HMI and SCADA systems. Regardless of the existing or new systems in the production environment, Proceam solutions preserve past investments and allow full flexibility in selecting future equipment.


Adherence to Standards

Proceam follows a structured set of processes and procedures defined by industry standards throughout all stages of the project life cycle, ensuring consistency, compliance with regulations and minimal field revisions. This modular design results in higher reliability, faster implementation with a better QA process, future expandability, reusable components, and improved productivity via more accurate control of each process module.


Fieldbus Foundation

As a certified integrator of Fieldbus Foundation, Proceam implements many control systems over this shared digital bus technology, when suitable. This forward looking architecture reduces design and commissioning time and costs, as well as cabling setup and maintenance costs. It also enables seamless expansion to accommodate more devices and data over same network infrastructure.


Wireless Remote Control

Proceam innovation allows wireless control of machines and field equipment by remote decision-makers via mobile phones, PDAs and wireless PCs. Furthermore, Proceam's unique add-on wireless control layer enables low-cost cellular-based communication between remotely located control networks and the SCADA system, over standard OPC and Modbus interfacing.