Oil & Gas

Proceam solves a multitude of monitoring and control problems in Oil & Gas


Well-head and pump monitoring system


Pipeline pressure, flow and valve monitoring 


Cathodic protection system monitoring


Leak detection monitoring


Underground gas storage monitoring


Pump/compressor station control systems


Process Industries

Proceam has superior penetrating  erformance in congested industrial environments. Steelwork, buildings, tanks and vessels … our products will still work reliably
Automation and control applications are ideally suited to wireless connection in all process industries.


Chemical plants, Pulp & paper, Steel mills, Power stations, Glass manufacturing


Custody transfer flow monitoring 


Tank level monitoring 


Temperature profiles


Condition monitoring of equipment


Utility plant alarms


Effluent treatment plants


Security and access-control


Remote water pumps 


Rotating and moving machinery 


Monitoring of fire-fighting and safety systems


Alert and Evacuation alarm systems


Gas detection systems


Factory Automation

Proceam develops factory automation applications, from simple I/O connection to complex data-bus interconnection.


Assembly plants, component manufacturers, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, packaging


Detection of moving machinery


Power network monitoring


PLC interconnection 


Alarm monitoring of portable machinery


Utility plant alarms


Effluent treatment plants


Security and access-control 


Rotating and moving machinery


Alert and Evacuation alarm systems


Mining & Mineral Processing

Proceam is specialized for the long distance application of the mining industry.


Surface extraction, Underground utility services, Ore treatment plants and Quarries 


Water supply control systems


Ventilation fan monitoring


Conveyor monitoring and interlocks


Security video monitoring


Access-control systems


Gas detection systems


Fuel tank gauging


Detection of moving machinery


Power network monitoring


PLC interconnection


Alarm monitoring of portable machinery


Remote control/alarm of emergency generators


Transport Industries

Proceam is specialized for the long distance applications found in all transport sectors.


Railways; Highways / motorways, Airports, Wharves and docks, Shipping


Traffic light warnings


Environmental monitoring - road, rail, tunnel


Rail signaling alarms


Monitoring of airport radar alarms


Motorway text warning displays


Security monitoring


Lighting control


Monitoring and control of ship loading


Traffic density monitoring


Seismic monitoring of impending rock-falls or bank slippage


De-rail detection on ore trains


Safety monitoring in parking stations


Environmental Monitoring

Our experience in remote or sensitive environmental habitats is possible  due to the high level of reliability, flexibility and range that can be attained as part of a network or ‘mesh’ installation.

These include:

Weather Stations


Rain Gauges


Wind direction



Soil Monitoring 


Moisture Salinity





Water Quality


Pollutant Detection  


Water treatment

Water levels


Regulate water supply


Flood warning detection


Utilities & Municipal

Pceam have made projects in:

Water Management


Pump station control


Tank monitoring, level and security


Valve and flowmeter stations


Flow metering systems


Irrigation monitoring and control


Water quality monitoring


Dam gauging and gate control


Large network SCADA systems


Treatment plant monitoring


Catchment rainfall monitoring


Early flood-warning systems

Electricity distribution 


Monitoring of power poles


HV Feeder alarm fault monitoring


Recloser remote control

Gas reticulation 


Valve stations


Pressure monitoring


Flow metering systems